MBT Leopard 1


Still up to date

The LEOPARD 1 main battle tank is a worldwide success story from KNDS Deutschland

Since 1965, the LEOPARD 1 has been produced in a total volume of over 4,700 units and remains in use in nine countries on five continents to this day. Thanks to continuous updates, the system remains state of the art. User nations also have a wide array of retrofit kits at their disposal in order to adjust product configurations to the respective focus, whether it be fire power, protection, mobility or logistics.

MBT Leopard 1

The LEOPARD – A success story

The LEOPARD is synonymous with the world’s leading combat tank technology. Its nearly 50-year history is an unparalleled success story. As a decisive response to the multifaceted threats of the past, present and future, it forms the backbone of modern, visionary and assertive armed forces around the globe. Its superior combat capability, made up of an ideal combination of fire power, protection, mobility and sophisticated manoeuvrability sets standards worldwide. This is why the LEOPARD has held its own in every comparative trial it has ever undergone to date. The main battle tank's modular configuration has enabled its continued use far into the mid-21st century, adapted to the most disparate of threat situations.

MBT Leopard 1

Continuous upgrading

Technical modifications to the LEOPARD 1 also fulfil a comprehensive tactical requirement profile. These include its high first-round hit probability with all types of ammunition by day and night, when visibility is limited, while moving, and against moving targets. Its rapid firing, high adjustment precision and retention, as well as the ability to inspect the weapon system quickly and establish combat readiness without external testing instruments are further impressive characteristics of the system. 

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42.2 t

Length (turret 12:00 o’clock)

9.54 m



Height (turret roof)


Engine performance

610 kW (830 HP)

Maximum vehicle speed

65 km/h


550 km


105mm L 7A3 / 2x 7.62mm machine gun

LEOPARD 1 A5 in pictures

The LEOPARD 1 A5 in various mission scenarios.

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