Corporate culture at KNDS Deutschland

We are developing the future of defence technology. And you can play an active role in this development.

Our corporate culture

Our internationally recognised innovative power in the field of military land systems is based on our daily passion for finding a better solution: in development, production, service and administration. We strive to be the best, and our customers and partners appreciate that about us.

Therefore we reward high standards, performance and dedication in an inspiring work climate with open communication and good opportunities for promotion and development. This way, we give you room for ideas, motivation and enthusiasm.

We at KNDS Deutschland believe that innovativeness and tradition do not contradict each other. This is why we continue to think, feel and act as a family-owned company. Our attention isn’t aimed at the next quarterly report, but at achieving long-term success. The goal is to have customers and employees who are satisfied – and stay that way.

Taking innovativeness, enthusiasm for technology and team spirit and turning them into successful products and solutions – as an employee of KNDS Deutschland, you will take part in this success.


The strategic focus on diversity and integration is of decisive importance for our long-term success.

Diversity means that we have employees with a wide range of different experiences, backgrounds and approaches which they incorporate into our work. This allows us to offer our customers the most creative and effective solutions. We are committed to embracing diversity and integration in terms of nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and religion in everything we do.

In order to achieve our goal of offering our customers the best products possible, KNDS needs the commitment of each and every worker. All employees are involved in assisting and supporting their colleagues.

It is clear that we already possess the know-how and the skills to be successful. But we are still working to develop a corporate culture that builds upon the broadest possible spectrum of ideas, experiences and perspectives. We are proud that KNDS brings talented people together, people who have completely different life experiences and professional backgrounds – including university graduates, dual vocational training graduates, former members of the military, and individuals re-entering the workforce.