KNDS – The Future of European Land Systems

Comprehensive service spectrum and complete solutions. From under one roof.

Military systems are complex, highly networked cutting-edge technology. In order for them to achieve their full potential, the whole must be more than the sum of its parts. We meet this demand: in development, production, infrastructure, training, logistics and customer service. We practice integration - with experience and passion. Our customers expect a partner who is an expert at everything. A partner who provides and supports solutions under one roof. A systems supplier.

Clear focus – clear specialisation – one clear dedication!

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) was incepted in 1999 when the military sector of Krauss-Maffei AG was acquired by Wegmann GmbH. Since then, it has grown to become the market leader for heavily armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles in Europe. Today, KMW is a systems supplier which develops, produces and supports a broad product portfolio with more than 4,000 employees in Germany, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA. This includes main battle tanks, artillery systems, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft, reconnaissance and bridge laying systems as well as air-transportable and armoured wheeled vehicles.

In addition, KMW has far-reaching system competencies in civilian and military simulation, command and control systems and remote-controlled weapon mounts with reconnaissance and observation equipment. Over 50 nations worldwide rely on products from KMW. Since 2015, KMW has been a company in the German-French defence group KMW + NEXTER Defense Systems (KNDS). The formation of KNDS represents the beginning of consolidation in land defense systems industry in Europe. The strategic alliance between KMW and Nexter enhances both groups’ competitiveness and international positions, as well as their ability to meet the needs of their respective national army. In addition, it offers to its European and NATO customers the opportunity of increased standardization and interoperability for their defense equipment, with a dependable industrial base.


No other military vehicle manufacturer in Europe offers such a comprehensive spectrum of services as KMW: Vehicle systems such as the LEOPARD, PzH 2000, DINGO, LEGUAN and FENNEK; training and simulation infrastructures which fulfil any demand, logistics, documentation, spare parts as well as security and quality management. We factor in national requirements flexibly, ambitiously and innovatively, and integrate ourselves into existing national structures.

We are a long-standing and dependable partner of the armed forces.

KNDS sets standards for the future with its partners. From decades of experience with military land systems, we purposefully translate our customers’ requirements into research and development,  the results of which optimise our systems as needed. However, we don’t just build vehicles and develop cutting-edge technology. Logistics individually tailored to the specific customers, training programmes and extensive spare parts management are indispensable for all vehicle types and customer solutions. This way, we keep our customers ready for operation on wheels and tracks. Each system is based on a customer-specific logistical concept. This includes industrial participation and coproduction. We also handle the infrastructure by setting up simulation centres, maintenance bases, production facilities, inspection stations and testing tracks for example. We keep, maintain and expand a stable supplier network of well-known component and subsystem manufacturers. Our continuous demand guarantees long-term supportability.

KNDS also makes sure that soldiers are trained and instructed before the initial systems are delivered. This includes instructor training, initial training, supplementary, delta and refresher training, both in the simulator and on real equipment, on the individual system and in complex mission scenarios.

Market leader for heavily armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles in Europe

KMW performs maintenance and repairs according to customer requirements: We’re there where our vehicles are used. We are an esteemed industrial partner of LeoBen; we support the LEOPARD community with technical know-how and know-why on system level. At the same time, our solutions are always tailored to our customers.

The systems supplier:

  • Complete solutions and comprehensive spectrum of services from a single source
  • Long-term and dependable partner of the armed forces
  • OEM/system knowledge – know-how and know-why on system level
  • Infrastructure, customer service and spare parts, education and software
  • Scheduled and corrective maintenance – even on location in deployment
  • Market and customer knowledge – recognised international partner
  • Supplier network of well-known component and subsystem manufacturers
  • Logistical concepts and complete solutions
  • Cutting-edge technology – made in Germany
  • We stands for 100% land system technology

The systems supplier in pictures

Comprehensive service spectrum and complete solutions. From under one roof. Made in Germany.