Mobile command posts and integrated container solutions can cover extensive functionalities "on-the-move" in modern battlefields.

Mobile containers and shelters

A variety of "on-the-move" functions

Mobile command posts and integrated container solutions are the core elements of leadership in the modern, highly dynamic and digitised battlefields of the future.

  • Configurable protection goals
    • Basic CBRN protection
    • Fully integrated protection (e.g. STANAG level 1/2)
    • Adaptive protection concepts (e.g. STANAG Level 3+)
  • Configurable equipment variants
    • Flexible command post solution
    • Open type sensors as mission support equipment (e.g. weather sensor technology)
    • Integrated (mission) solution or trailer-based storage possibilities
  • Different degrees of mobility available
    • Highly mobile variants (working while driving is possible)
    • Semi-stationary variants (e.g. mobile tent solutions)
    • Stationary variant (e.g. multi-level container solutions)
  • New container or modernization
  • Adaptation to any carrier vehicle on request
  • On request, mobile mission support solutions as a complete system
    • Infrastructure material
    • Base/camp protection
    • Supply and logistics solution
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