Command and weapon engagement systems from KMW (a company of KNDS)

KMW (a company of KNDS) has many years of experience in the development of command and control information systems and, as a specialist for land systems, relies on this know-how to develop mission solutions.

Command and weapon engagement systems

KMW's (a company of KNDS) command and control systems offer the user functionalities that enable mission-oriented operation. In doing so, the management systems structure the mission and the scenario in such a way that the right decisions can be made even under high pressure.

Our services in command and weapon engagement systems

  • Solutions for the command and control of land-based operations and their units (artillery, heavy units, infantry ...)
  • Consistent solutions from company to brigade level
  • Integrated solutions for tactical-logistic support processes (logistics, electronic warfare ...)
  • Command support to facilitate the command process
  • Ready-to-use solutions and customer-specific developments in compliance with NATO standards

As a systems house for land systems, KMW (a company of KNDS) offers the following advantages

  • Consulting and management of complex large-scale projects including integration of third-party software/hardware
  • Training solutions ranging from COTS-based classrooms to integrated training centres
  • Complete system tests with organization of real-world test campaigns
  • Close integration of weapons and sensor systems
  • Innovative, software-based communication solutions

The iC2 command system family

The iC2 family integrates KMW's (a company of KNDS) management software.
  • Provision of basic C2 functionalities (shared situation overview) with Blue Force Tracking, APP6 symbolism, tactical tooling)
  • Depending on the deployment area: modern 3D support, distributed mission processing, etc.
  • First class sensor-to-shooter mission solutions
  • Modern design based on state-of-the-art processes
  • High level of modularity
  • Scalable implementation: easy integration of extensions, step-by-step implementation
  • Seamless connection to other command systems
  • High level of adaptability to the future end user
  • Technology already in use internationally

Our most sought-after competence: the artillery

  • Automated technical and tactical fire control
  • Fire planning
  • Decision support and mission support through automated checks
  • Optimization of the fire power with a single click
  • Acceleration of artillery processes and mission preparation
  • Mortar, field howitzer, self-propelled howitzer, rocket artillery
  • NABK and related technologies (KMW (a company of KNDS) is an active member of the S4 Group.)
  • Systems verification with live-firing campaigns
  • Direct connection of fire control computers possible
  • Networking of entire sensor technology (optronics, radar, weather sensor technology, ...)
KMW (a company of KNDS) – The systems supplier

Information on our comprehensive and networked complete solutions can be found here.

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