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Defence technology products are not just any commodity. As a production site and exporter of defence technology, Germany has a special responsibility: both in light of its own history as well as in current global affairs. For that reason, the sale of defence technology is regulated rigorously in our country. We adhere strictly to all of these statutory regulations and take our responsibility extremely seriously.

As a company steeped in tradition, we have gained an excellent reputation over the decades. This reputation is based on the performance of our employees and the values we at KNDS Deutschland practice. Managing directors, supervisors and employees are obliged to comply with national and international law and observe the principles of fair competition. For this purpose, we have established a system of guidelines, obligations and procedures which have proven themselves over the long term – including in cooperation with our business partners in Germany and abroad.

Corruption prevention is part of the core of this system. No individual employee can represent the company alone, because the principle of dual-control principle is in effect without exception. We instruct our employees about all aspects of corruption problems in regular training courses and train them on detecting corruption risks at an early stage and handling them properly. Anyone who reports a suspicious situation can depend on being protected by the company management. The KNDS Deutschland Compliance Department is the direct point of contact for all employees at all times concerning matters of compliance risks in general or corruption risks in particular.

We undertake to comply with all laws relevant and applicable to our business and all regulations on foreign trade. This also includes continuously promoting strict export compliance. Our employees may not export or re-export any goods, technology or software unless a valid permit has been issued to do so. No actions are taken which would violate applicable regulations promoting the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and monitoring of carrier technology, chemical and biological weapons.

We take this very seriously and the management board requests everyone to assist it in this effort. Our foreign trade department is ready to assist with questions as to the legality of a transaction or a possible violation concerning export regulations.

My colleagues on the management board and I stand for zero tolerance in case of violations of the law and of the values we practice. And anyone can take us at our word.

We want to make our world safer – and not only through our technologies, but also through our conduct. This is our daily task.

Best regards,
Ralf Ketzel
Chairman of the management board
KNDS Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


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Reporting compliance violations

Compliance with laws and the KNDS Ethics Charter is a top priority for the KNDS Deutschland Group. In order to live up to this claim, it is important to learn of possible misconduct at an early stage and to follow it up immediately.

The KNDS Deutschland Group provides all employees of the KNDS Deutschland Group, as well as customers, suppliers and other third parties, with reporting channels for submitting indications of compliance violations.

Digital whistleblowing system
The KNDS Deutschland Integrity Line offers the possibility of reporting violations at any time and in various languages via an Internet-based communication platform – anonymously if desired. Incoming reports are always treated confidentially. At the same time, by setting up a protected mailbox, you can receive feedback on the status of processing and answer follow-up questions about your report.

Access to the KNDS Deutschland Integrity Line


Other reporting channels
Reports can also be sent to the Compliance Department by mail or e-mail:

KNDS Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Krauss-Maffei Str. 11
80997 Munich
Email: compliance (at)

For more information on the principles of the complaints procedure and the process flow for potential human rights and environmental violations in the supply chain, please refer to the Rules of Procedure.