The LEOPARD is synonymous with the world’s leading combat tank technology

As a decisive response to the multifaceted threats of the past, present and future, it forms the backbone of modern, visionary and assertive armed forces around the globe.

Variants of the LEOPARD main battle tank

From its latest variant, the LEOPARD 2 A7, to the still-used LEOPARD 1: the 50-year history of the LEOPARD main battle tank is an unparalleled success story. Its superior combat capability, made up of an ideal combination of fire power, protection, mobility and sophisticated manoeuvrability sets standards worldwide. This is why the LEOPARD has held its own in every comparative trial it has ever undergone to date. The modular configuration of the LEOPARD 2 has enabled its continued use far into the mid-21st century, adapted to the most disparate of threat situations.