Technical service at KNDS Deutschland

Technical service

Logistics options for every usage and mission profile with tailor-made support – even for third-party products

KNDS Deutschland is Europe’s leading provider of on-site services for military vehicles, training systems and civilian simulators. The company supports more than 6,000 systems in over 22 countries – even in missions in crisis zones. 

The services required can be put together as needed from a modular portfolio, all the way up to all-round supply. The goal is to provide the customer with optimal support at any time and place in order to ensure maximum system availability.

Routine maintenance
Predictive service measures prolong the operating life and ensure maximum availability.

Servicing and component repair
Professional repair services at top quality standards.

Competent advice at any time and technical support via remote diagnostics.

On-site support
All-round service from preparation and trouble-shooting to follow-up work with guaranteed availability.

Mission support
Comprehensive support in crisis zones by integrating our specialists in the deployment zone.

Operator models
Technical support and professional operation of training and repair systems from a single source.

Benefits of technical service

  • Flexible: Offers logistics options for every usage and mission profile
  • Active: Ensures high system availability
  • Economical: Offers logistics solutions through demonstrable benefits
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