Career at KNDS Deutschland

What do we have to offer? We are an attractive employer!

We offer exciting and multifaceted activities in a collegial environment. We are a high-tech company and a manufacturer at the same time. This brings highly interesting, complex and challenging tasks along with it. At the same time, we deliberately set ourselves apart from mass-producers. And our employees appreciate this – in development, production and management alike.

We successfully unite innovativeness with tradition and long-standing experience. Our company’s long-term orientation provides our employees with security, allowing them to focus on tasks together with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Advanced training and personal development are very important to us. Our company is committed to a collective wage agreement and offers pay to match, including holiday and Christmas bonuses, as well as 30 days of leave a year.

What other attractive conditions do we have for you?

  • Flexible working hour arrangements
  • Company cafeteria
  • Additional subsidised company pension scheme
  • Promotion of further qualifications, such as technician training, courses of studies
  • Regular company health management events, such as skin cancer screening, health awareness days, back training courses, etc.
  • Care from our company physicians
  • Children’s daycare subsidy
  • Service anniversary bonus
  • Bike leasing
  • Financial support of the “Bahncard”
  • Financial support of “Deutschlandticket”
  • Company celebrations, such as Christmas, jubilee and retirement parties
  • Additional site-specific social benefits


Shape your future at KNDS Deutschland!

Are you about to finish school and looking to launch your career? “Now life is getting serious!” Many people think that way. But it’s different at KNDS Deutschland.

Dual study

Internships, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses

Personnel development

The sustainable development of technical, managerial, personal and social skills plays a major part in the company’s success

Based on site selection through educational needs planning and individual two-year further development plans for every employee, we offer professional and personal qualifications in cooperation with external educational institutions as well as in-house training as needed. In addition to specialist development and qualification in project management, we identify potential for taking on more challenging responsibilities at the company and for filling management positions from our own ranks. Every two years, a young talent promotion group is formed in a selection process in cooperation with our highly experienced division managers which determines your need for further training concerning managerial tasks and will take you through special modules for the development of leadership personalities over the course of one year.

For managers with initial experience, we offer a two-day workshop for familiarisation with KNDS operative management subjects in the “Principles and Instruments” seminar. For experienced managers, we work with external specialists on continuously improving the operative management and on situational management skills in the form of role-playing.

Company health management

KNDS Deutschland has created binding structures and procedures for company health management.

Preventive health promotion measures are a central element of our health management – before illnesses even have the chance to appear. We regularly conduct health programmes and hold events with varying focuses, such as back training courses, skin cancer screenings, nutritional advice, etc. Our workplace design and work sequences are also important preventive measures.

If an employee is suffering from a long-term illness, we, together with the employee representative and company physician, will explore measures as to how to overcome the incapacity for work and prevent it from recurring in the future. For example, the employer will support you in retraining measures, changes to work hours, promotion of external work sites, workplace reconfiguration, etc.