Vetronics – Developing the vehicle architecture of tomorrow

KNDS Deutschland has the technologies and expertise to network systems in a future-oriented IT architecture.


Developing the vehicle architecture of tomorrow

KNDS Deutschland develops modern system architectures that network existing vehicle and payload data, the data is merged and made visible and operable via a common user interface. Innovative applications are offered at each workstation in a standard and ergonomically optimized user interface.

As the vehicle's infrastructure backbone, these architectures provide the host environment for the use of (micro) services and standardized interfaces (NGVA). They allow the hosting of external operating systems and make it possible to connect hardware-related vehicle, mission, sensor and combat systems in an open architecture. Critical systems can be permanently monitored and protected using modern IT security infrastructures.

Result: The "situational awareness" of the vehicle crew is improved, making it possible to significantly reduce the subsequent reaction times.

  • Compatibility with NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) tested by Fraunhofer FKIE
  • Future-oriented and expandable system architecture
  • A "ready" Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • MOTS and COTS based system architecture
  • Multi-user operation with intelligent information distribution (patented)
  • Modular shared applications
  • Available as a retrofit and integration into existing systems
  • Representation of a cross-functional operation and display in the land-based operations digitisation environment

Performance characteristics QBA®/iVeNet®

The iVeNet® system is a powerful Vetronics software solution from KNDS Deutschland. It meets the requirements of the cross-functional operating and display system (QBA) of the German Army and is already in use in a large number of vehicles.

  • NGVA conformity
  • "Off-the-shelf" applications are available (media, cameras, gunner detectors, guidance system, navigation ...)
  • Installation of safety-critical applications (weapon station) possible
  • Adaptable to any screen resolution
  • Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Technology already in use internationally

KMW – The systems supplier

Our complete solution in the area of services and training in software and hardware as well as our products which operate together in a system network can be found here.

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