KNDS – The systems supplier

The Future of European Land Systems

KNDS Deutschland is a systems supplier which develops, produces and supports a broad product portfolio with more than 4,000 employees in Germany, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA. This includes main battle tanks, artillery systems, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft, reconnaissance and bridge laying systems as well as air-loadable and armored wheeled vehicles.

In addition, KNDS Deutschland has far-reaching system competencies in civilian and military simulation, command and control systems and remote-controlled carriages with reconnaissance and observation equipment. Over 50 nations worldwide rely on products from KNDS Deutschland. Since 2015, KNDS Deutschland has been a company in the KNDS Group. The formation of KNDS represents the beginning of consolidation in land defense systems industry in Europe. The strategic alliance between KNDS Deutschland and KNDS France enhances both groups’ competitiveness and international positions, as well as their ability to meet the needs of their respective national army. In addition, it offers to its European and NATO customers the opportunity of increased standardization and interoperability for their defense equipment, with a dependable industrial base.


Systems & products

KNDS Deutschland is synonymous with worldwide leading technologies in armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles. The armed forces of over 30 nations rely on the performance and reliability of these unequalled systems.

From the innovative, hydropneumatic and decoupled running gear of the PUMA to the time-tested, continuously refined running gear of the LEOPARD 2: KNDS Deutschland tracked vehicles are also highly mobile and reliable, even on the toughest terrain.

Tracked vehicles

Over 30 nations and their armed forces rely on the quality and protection of our vehicles.

Wheeled vehicles

Training with realistic simulation from individual soldier to battalion level in the core areas of driving training, gunnery, combat and tactics training as well as maintenance training.

Training & simulation

From non-lethal protection systems to 40 and 76mm launcher systems all the way to stabilised, remote-controlled weapon stations with 20mm automatic cannons, the crew has a wide range of escalation levels at its disposal for self-protection.

Armament systems

KNDS is Europe’s leading provider of on-site services for military vehicles, training systems and simulators.


We offer complete solutions for our customers.

Mission solutions

KNDS Deutschland develops and manufactures complex electrical devices that must comply with the highest requirements.

Further products
  • RCH 155 – Facts and information
  • APVT – At home in two worlds
  • FLW 100, FLW 200, FLW 200+
  • Spare parts logistics

RCH 155 – Combination of automated artillery firepower and armoured wheeled mobility

A systematic development of the PzH 2000, the RCH 155 is a lighter, more flexible and long-range artillery weapon for all areas of use, providing ultimate protection for the crew. In addition to high flexibility and top mobility, the BOXER drive module of the RCH 155 provides its crew with exceptional survivability and superior protection from mines, IEDs and ballistic threats.

  • Superior combat range (currently < 54 km) and large battlefield coverage thanks to the 155mm/L52 gun
  • Fully automatic projectile loading system
  • Fully automatic electrical gun laying system
  • High-precision navigation system, with or without GPS support


The BOXER family was conceived as a modular platform. In all variants, it consists of a wheeled or tracked drive module and an interchangeable mission module. In total, more than 20 different mission modules are available.

By selecting different mission modules on two different mobility platforms, the vehicle family can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of operational conditions. Thus, a wide variety of capabilities can be demonstrated with the greatest possible operational efficiency.

Thanks to the modular principle underlying the drive and mission module, the concept also offers unlimited enhancement potential for new technologies. The BOXER family thus offers maximum flexibility, superior survivability, and exceptional reliability - today and in the future.

APVT – Amphibious Protected Vehicle Tracked

The APVT demonstrator is an amphibious battle vehicle with a combat weight of 30 tons which combines mobility on land and water in a modern, fully armoured tracked vehicle.

  • Highly modern, innovative amphibious tracked vehicle
  • Bidirectional and optimised for deployment on land and water
  • Rapid switchover from land to water travel
  • Passive all-round protection for the crew

Remote-controlled weapon stations – modular configuration provides maximum flexibility

The lightweight, gyro-stabilised weapon stations provide optimal reconnaissance and self-protection capabilities of the highest technological level. Modular optronic sensor systems ensure optimal battlefield surveillance, target acquisition and engagement by day, night and under poor visibility.

  • Adaptation of ballistic protection modules
  • Capability expansions
  • Integration in command and simulation systems

Spare parts logistics with the MULTIBOX system solution

Operability over the system’s entire life cycle

The multimodal solution for availability and supply security in mission logistics. With the MULTIBOX system solution, KMW offers high availability of spare parts, special tools and service products and promotes effectiveness and efficiency in mission logistics. Demand forecasts based on long-standing experience and the specific usage profile ensure high service quality. Service-level framework agreements and vendor-managed inventory are guarantors for high system availability.

  • MULTIBOX system solution
  • Tailor-made spare parts logistics
  • Supply strategies

Over 50 nations worldwide rely on our products


International standard for heavily armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Training and simulation

Realistic training, high-resolution image reproduction – virtual terrain


From the HSTB light bridge system to the highly mobile and flexible LEGUAN bridge-layer: KNDS Deutschland has a customer-oriented solution for any task to ensure mobility in deployment.


The threat and mission environments of the 21st century require a new class of artillery in mobility, firepower, automation and protection.