Spare parts logistics from KNDS Deutschland

Operability over the system’s entire life cycle

Spare parts logistics

Operability over the system’s entire life cycle

Spare parts logistics ensure that the most urgently needed spare parts are available around the clock. KNDS Deutschland provides solutions for the entire life cycle of the system and the entire range of applications in observance of the specific usage and mission profiles, as well as long-standing empirical values. Economic solutions are developed in the overall logistics concept which guarantee comprehensive service and high system availability.

Tailor-made spare parts logistics
Demand forecasts based on long-standing experience and the specific usage profile.

Supply strategies
Service-level framework agreements and vendor-managed inventory are guarantors for high system availability.

MULTIBOX system solution
The multimodal solution for availability and supply security in mission logistics. With the MULTIBOX system solution, KNDS Deutschland offers high availability of spare parts, special tools and service products and promotes effectiveness and efficiency in mission logistics.

Benefits of spare parts logistics:

  • Proven: Offers high availability and reliability thanks to customer-oriented logistics solutions
  • Modular: Offers options for each usage profile
  • Experienced: Offers high efficiency through system-specific solutions
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