KNDS makes record-breaking progress on loitering ammunition

  • KNDS has developed two new types of warheads for the COLIBRI and LARINAE projects launched by the French Defence Innovation Agency (AID), which are on the verge of being demonstrated.

  • The COLIBRI loitering ammunition, launched a year ago by Delair and KNDS France, is under contract for Ukraine.

A first flight with an active payload in June 2024 for COLIBRI

In partnership with Delair, a UAV manufacturer, KNDS has developed an innovative warhead for a loitering ammunition capable of observing, identifying and neutralizing a static or dynamic threat within a radius of 5km, with a range of 45 minutes. A demonstrator of its innovative warhead has been made in less than two years. The first demonstrator will carry out test flights with this warhead at the end of June 2024, in cooperation with the French defense procurement agency (DGA).

LARINAE, the anti-armored loitering ammunition, takes off

With a range of 3 hours, between 80 and 120km, this loitering ammunition will carry a 3kg explosively-formed penetrator charge capable of dealing with armoured targets while foiling their active protection systems. In partnership with EOS Technologie and TRAAK, the first demonstrations with an inert charge will take place in early 2025.

This system which could be reusable will also enable it to carry out intelligence missions using an electro-optical system which is able to detect a vehicle at 15 km by day and 3 km by night. It will have navigation capabilities in a contested environment (jamming) thanks to its secured radio link at up to 80km provided by KNDS France Robotics. LARINAE is proposed with two different platforms: a vertical take-off and landing system (VTOL) and a high-speed UAV (VELOCE). Both are equipped with a high-performance solution for arming and disarmin the warhead, allowing the operator to recover them easily and safely.

KNDS, a credible partner with loitering ammunition know-how

The AID has entrusted KNDS with the rapid development of a loitering ammunition, not only to make up for France's lag in this area, but also to ensure that it is "one war ahead", in the words of the French forces Chief of Staff. KNDS develops, integrates and produces loitering ammunition systems in order to meet current threats with innovative warheads for various targets; various navigation and attack modes integrating GNSS denied environments; safe, secured and ergonomic systems for operators.


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