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Here you will find images of our products divided into the respective vehicle classes or product groups.

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This MUNGO N/C Reconnaissance uses the double-wheel sampling system at the rear to test the soil for contamination from chemical warfare agents during travel.

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The MUNGO N/C Reconnaissance is a highly mobile and rapidly deployable vehicle for nuclear and chemical ordnance reconnaissance.

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The driver of the MUNGO ESK (Special Forces Deployment) is directed backwards into the cargo bay of the CH-53 transport helicopter.

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Clad in camouflage netting, the MUNGO ESK travels swiftly during an exercise.

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With eight cubic meters of protected volume, the MUNGO Large Capacity has enough space for a wide range of equipment kits in spite of its small dimensions.

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The safety cell of the MUNGO Large Capacity enables quick entry and exit from the vehicle thanks to its relatively large doors.

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The Mungo Multipurpose has a payload of 1.5 tons and available volume of up to 7 cubic meters for all types of loads or equipment kits.

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The integrated hydraulic system on the MUNGO Multipurpose drives the lowering gear and front attachments such as sweeper rollers.