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3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 2,7 MB

The BOXER Ambulance drives in a Bundeswehr convoy during a military exercise.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 2,8 MB

The lowerable rear ramp and the stretcher mounting system of the BOXER Ambulance make it easy to pick up the wounded.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 5,3 MB

Two Bundeswehr BOXER APV secure a crossroads during deployment in Afghanistan.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 2,9 MB

The FLW 200 weapon station secures the infantry section dismounted from the BOXER APV.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 2,6 MB

The BOXER RCT 30 in off-road travel during an exercise in Lithuania. It bears the same combat turret as the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 1,7 MB

Thanks to its highly mobile chassis, the BOXER RCT 30 is able to follow the LEOPARD 2 main battle tank off-road.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 1,7 MB

The Lithuanian BOXER Vilkas with its remote-controlled combat turret at full speed on the training grounds in Klietz.

3543 x 2362 px, 300 dpi, 2,8 MB

In addition to its 30 mm machine gun, the BOXER Vilkas has a rocket launcher with two SPIKE missiles in its turret.